Terms & Conditions

Terms and Description

  • Payment: Prepayment.
  • The campaign will be hosted at a maximum of 72 after receiving the, tracking system and proof of payment from the client’s side.
  • The leads will be delivered through the Trader-Leads marketing tools thru API.
  • If invalid leads were to be included in any delivery after the payment has been made, Trader-Leads will offer 100% replacements for all the wrong/non valid and duplicated leads from the campaign from the total amount of the ordered leads.
  • Duplicate leads, the first 100% of duplicates leads between the broker’s CRM from previous campaigns and the Trader-Leads campaign, will be on the client’s side, every lead over the 100% will be replaced by Trader-Leads up to 100% of the original order.
  • For Trader-Leads LTD a lead is the following information: Name, Last Name, Valid Phone Number and Valid Email, country, language speaker and +18yo.
  • All transfer fees and charges will be carried by the clients.
  • The minimum accepted ACR (Average Conversion Rate) will not decrease below 1%.
  • Cancellation: can be done by both sides via email or phone, with 48 hours’ notification only after delivering at least half of the campaign and the refund will be done for the undelivered leads.