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CPL Campaigns

Get to know the client

Knowing our clients indivdually is the first step in success. The more we know the better performing your campaigns will be.

Identify Needs and Goals

Focusing our efforts on the goals and tools that will be part of the process is key to creating profitable sales.

Campaign Optimization

Build a custom campaign with guaranteed positive ROI. Lead the market.  

Market Inspiration

We see a market that’s free flowing- no in-betweens or miss-outs. Committed to generating leads that convert, Trader-Leads is transforming the market into a place where brokers have control over their reach-outs. Extending into the marketing branch, we not only use the tools that are latest to the market but we have a hand in creating them. Our team are financial-marketing visionaries that see lead-generation in a new and clear perspective; one which will simplify and benefit all market participators.

Rewarding Campaigns, Returning Leads, Satisfied Brokers

Customize Campaigns from A-Z


We’ve broken down the process so the end results fit you. Every campaign is individually designed according to your organization’s resources and goals. Part of utilizing the system is creating campaigns clients can identify with your organization’s brand. Take control with rewarding campaigns.


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Trader-Leads believes that using the right tools creates a great work flow- creating custom designed content for your specific audience is what we do.


Our co-registration service helps clients extend their marketing arm through databases of others similar to themselves.


Using our advanced databases, fresh with relevant leads and accessed only by our clients…


Building networks that support lead retention is key.


We directly connects you to smart databases that are built on colds leads generated most recently …

E-mail Marketing

Trader-Leads provides accurate and up-to-date techniques to make your email marketing efforts go a long way.

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Trader-Leads changed the workflow and did an overall great job of getting things jumpstarted by providing us leads that converted quickly.