Frequently Asked Questions

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Send us an order with the following details: Name, Company Name, Contact Details, Skype, source of leads, market and value of leads.

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It is a large & Multi lingual center that generates high quality leads using the brand’s tailored sales scripts. Our team of professionals call potential clients, collect relevant data, and set meeting calls for your brand. This saves time and money for the brand and provides you only with high quality leads.

Pre Called – worldwide.


Pre Called – leads deliver every morning to broker in CSV with details: full name, phone, email, date and time of the call.
MOBILE – Marketing broker tools(landing pages, banners, etc.)
Order of more than 200 leads connects to the CRM of the broker.

Bank transfer and PayPal.

No, but if the quantity is up to 15% from the order, we will replace it as a good gesture.

Pre Call campaign – there shouldn’t be any WN , since we set the meeting calls ahead. In case there are, we replace a 100% of the leads.

Media campaign – we deliver only valid leads (name, last name, e-mail, phone number, geo target, +18) If any other we will replace up to 20% of the total campaign;therefor no WN.